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Radiant health and spiritual empowerment for all

The Ancient Way is a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern living that helps you embody wisdom to unfold your true Self. Our programs help you cultivate the light of your soul in a beautiful global garden with a community of people doing the same.

All our programs support you to plant seeds of new practices in your life, to grow your own gorgeous garden of wellbeing. We are honored to extend our hands to you to join our community wellness movement. May you light a bright lamp of hope in your heart that will ignite your spiritual awareness and resolve so you can ultimately realize your divine potential and activate from within your own radiant soul power.

Embark Upon Your Hero's Journey

This one-hour livestream recording will inspire you with mythological stories of Goddess Durga's 9 warrior goddess avatars, who are believed to symbolically reside in each of your 9 chakras (energetic centers). Ananta will also introduce you to one practice you can try to evoke the power of each of the 9 goddesses within you from her book, The Way of the Goddess.

Become a Spiritual Warrior

The Spiritual Warrior Certificate Program is a double certification program in your own personal transformation and to become a spiritual coach with the Association for Coaching. Our founder Ananta created this unique training program out of a powerful personal transformation journey she undertook to release pain from the past, heal old trauma and thereby prepare herself to lead with integrity. This course takes you, step-by-step through Ananta's process of spiritual transformation, as featured in her upcoming book "The Way of the Goddess" (Penguin TarcherPerigee, September 2022). It is the perfect training program for anyone who wishes to lead, write books, teach, parent and/or otherwise live a life of service with deep integrity. Starts April 3rd, 2022.

Become a Wellness Ambassador

True to ancient Ayurvedic source texts (often neglected in modern programs), The Ancient Way's Wellness Ambassador Program is led by our founder Ananta, with support from her team of teachers, 100% online. This unique program is rooted in Ayurveda, and draws upon other aligned holistic health modalities. It is perfect for anyone seeking to really live and embody the ancient wisdom of how to be well, in all ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually, as a foundation for sharing this profound wellness wisdom with your community. This program prepares you to share ancient wellness practices with your community (family, friends, clients and students) and, at your own unhurried pace, to become qualified to receive a full fledged Tara Ayurveda Practitioner certification, accredited by the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA) and the Association for Coaching.

What Graduates Are Saying

Shweta Bhatt, Artist and Former Consultant

"I was reminded over and over again that my agency is my first blessing. Though most people will give me a prescription, my body is not a problem to be solved. My health is not something to be fixed, but instead to be understood and honored.

Ananta saw within me a light I had dulled. She reached out to that light. She comforted that light. She empowered that light to shine. I began to speak. I began to write. I began to share. I declared myself the artist, the poet, the storyteller that I am.

Ananta’s heart and vision are supplemented through the team of people and the intention through which she connects us all. This team, this program is a community, it is a garden. The fragrance of each person mesmerizes alone but surrenders itself to the much greater melody of the garden as a whole. Ananta and her team redefine love, wholeheartedly seeing each individual and holding the stories of each sacred."

Nathan Medlock, Yoga teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Ambassador, Lifelong Student

"Ananta can be described as truly embodying her work. She naturally radiates a caring, wise, and loving aura. She clearly has a deep mastery of her teachings and from the moment you begin taking her classes you will be receiving knowledge. The understanding and scholarly communication of Ananta is matched by her compassion and humility. You can tell Ananta sincerely cares about her students and their ability to process and effectively practice what she teaches.

I would recommend studying with Ananta and her teachers because the topics being taught are life changing, from the inside out. There is a nearly tangible aura of love and acceptance shared amongst her and her contemporaries as well as with the students in her classes. Despite the large and vast ocean of knowledge that can appear daunting at first, the classes are structured very clearly, the communication about what is expected is exact, and the immersion into each topic is easily digestible to the human intellect."

Join Our Circle of Life Community

A Loving, Supportive Global Family of Spiritual Wellness Seekers Awaits You

The Circle of Life Community Program is the perfect place to start getting introduced to ancient healing modalities. It will support you to deepen your practices through Power of Practice Circles, offer you seasonal recipes to support your wellbeing and introduce you to ancient embodiment modalities (like yoga, dances, martial arts, etc.) to easily incorporate movement into your life. This Program also features inspiring guest speakers across a variety of ancient holistic modalities and offers you the opportunity to connect with others through a community buddy system for greater support on your journey.

Welcome! My name is Ananta.

I am a spiritual teacher, author and co-founder of The Ancient Way. I am author of the upcoming book "The Way of the Goddess" (Penguin TarcherPerigee, Sept 2022). I studied Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta in an oral lineage for 9 years, followed by 3 years of study of Vedanta with renowned philosopher saint Swami Parthasarathy.

I host a podcast called True to Yourself, and am author of "The Ayurveda Way" (Storey Publishing, 2017). I serve as Advisor of Ayurveda at THE WELL, a modern wellness club that brings together doctors and master healers for a more balanced you. I have taught Ayurveda at IBM, NYU, Stanford Medical School, California Department of Public Health, California Probation Departments, ABC News, NY Insight Meditation Society, and more.

I graduated from NYU Stern School of Business and feel fortunate to come from a long family lineage of renowned Ayurveda healers from India. I feel inspired to share the blessings I received through my studies and family with the world as a family.

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