What is a Spiritual Warrior?


Being a spiritual warrior means being willing and able to engage in the struggle for self-mastery, being able to use and channel every emotion constructively, facing your own darkness with your inner light and healing the split between your ego self and higher Self.

It requires inner strength and courage to deal directly - and objectively - with whatever difficulty you may be more naturally inclined to ignore, deny or magnify. 

Its 3 main components: 

1. Feeling everything without getting negatively affected by your emotions

2. Understanding the spiritual lesson(s) each of your life's challenges hold

3. Having the power to overcome your own harmful patterns/habits

The Program & Principles


"I discovered from my own personal healing journey how powerful it was to combine the diagnostic methods of the latest western psychology findings with the therapeutic principles and practices of ancient eastern wisdom. I found my own inner hero not outside myself, but deep within my being. I reclaimed my power by bringing together the best of east and west.

Now, for the first time, I will guide you, with support from my heroic friends, on a one-of-a-kind journey to bring out the hero within you. Whether you are seeking to digest your life's experiences and turn your pain into power, or are simply looking for a powerful process to stop procrastinating fulfilling your highest calling, this program will support you step-by-step to transform potentially every aspect of your life for the better and feel the strongest you have ever felt, inside and out."


9 Things this Training Will Give You

  • Mental Clarity, Peace, Equanimity

    Gain much more control over your emotions

  • Empowerment to Fulfill Your Purpose

    Finally give yourself permission to fulfill your deepest calling to give back to the world

  • High Vibration Community

    Express yourself freely and create deep connections

  • Nourishing, Wellness Enhancing Foods

    Feed yourself healthier versions of your favorite foods

  • Feeling Great in Your Own Skin

    This holistic process with food + fitness + inner transformation = an amazing feeling

  • Body, Mind, Soul Strength and Fitness

    Fitness training that energizes all aspects of your being

  • Chakra Balancing Practices

    Attune to and harness the power of all of your energy centers

  • Power to (Re)-Write Your Life Script

    Reframe your subconscious story... and change your life

  • Amazing Digestion

    Of your food, emotions and life experiences

Monthly Program Structure

There are four sessions per month. Sessions 1, 2 and 4 are held live for two hours on Sundays at 10am-12pm EST. Session 3 is a guided reflection that you can complete at your own pace. Each month follows the sequence below.


Session 1: Taking Inventory (with Eastern and Western Psychology Teachings)

  • Details on the monthly chakra focus 
  • How to self-assess your chakras' health
  • Your relationship with the power each chakra represents 

Session 2: Embodying Wisdom (with Mythological Archetypes and Chakra Balancing Practices)

  • Core spiritual teaching concepts pertaining to each chakra 
  • Practices from the upcoming "The Way of the Goddess" book (Penguin TarcherPerigee September 2022) that you can do to embody the power of each chakra
  • Fitness strength training videos for beginner and advanced strength training
  • Delicious, themed Ayurvedic recipes for building strength
  • A Power of Practice Circle to take questions, explore resistances and create community

Session 3: Deep Guided Reflection (with Guided Writing and Reflection Questions and Physical Exercises)

  • Insightful question prompts for writing to digest your life's experiences and serve as a catalyst for integration and transformation
  • Guided reflection video for each month that will support you to go deep within to retrieve inner wisdom
  • Ananta's step by step processes of personal transformation experiences (from the upcoming "The Way of the Goddess" book) as a template to spark inspiration and the reflection process 

Session 4: Empowered Storytelling Circle (with Medicinal Stories) 

  • A brave space to share your new narrative
  • An opportunity to give expression to the new reality birthed through what you have written
  • Deepen bonds with the community through heartfelt, courageous, authentic sharing

The Path

  • 1: The Power Of Practice

    Ground Your Root Chakra

    • Find relief from anxiety, fear and the feeling like you are in constant 'survival mode'
    • Get grounded (when you’re feeling unstable) with Goddess Shailputri, an embodiment of Mother Nature
  • 2: The Power Of Creativity

    Harmonize Your Sacral Chakra

    • Stop explosive emotions, and addictive and codependent behaviors in their tracks
    • Channel your energy into peaceful and productive outlets to align with your purpose with Goddess Brahmacharini, the one who follows brahmacharya (the path of self-control)
  • 3: The Power Of Transformation

    Energize Your Solar Plexus

    • Overcome chronic digestive issues, eating disorders and giving away your power
    • Ignite the fire of transformation to resolve conflicts, overcome your fears and stand up for yourself from a place of inner peace with the fiery Goddess Chandraghanta, who burns away fear, sorrow, and resistance
  • 4: The Power Of Love

    Heal Your Heart Chakra

    • Free yourself from feeling constantly insecure, needy, sad or overly emotional
    • Learn the art of loving your true Self so you can love all others with Goddess Kushmanda, who created the world through heartfelt laughter
  • 5: The Power of Voice

    Liberate Your Throat Chakra

    • Stop suppressing your voice out of fear of judgment, rejection, or punishment
    • Express yourself with sound and silence and liberate the sound of your voice with Goddess Skandmata, the mother of the powerful warrior god Skanda
  • 6: The Power of Intuition

    Open Your Third Eye Chakra

    • Tune out others' agendas and manipulation and tune into what feels true to you
    • Define and maintain loving boundaries to unlock your inner guru with Goddess Katyayani, the granter of blessings
  • 7: The Power Of Transcendence

    Enlighten Your Crown Chakra

    • Pinpoint and then free yourself from all the illusions and false stories you identify with on a deep level
    • Transcend trauma to convert your deepest pain into true power via the freeing power of Truth with Goddess Kalaratri, the destroyer of illusions
  • 8: The Power Of Rejuvenation

    Rebirth Your Higher Heart Chakra

    • Experience a newfound sense of childlike innocence, wonderment and joy
    • Embrace new beginnings to pleasure that feeds your soul with Goddess Maha Gauri, the bestower of eternal youth
  • 9: The Power Of Intention

    Reorient Your Astral Chakra

    • Create a compass for sharing your gifts in service in a personally meaningful way
    • Lead with integrity as you give back with Goddess Siddhidhatri, the granter of siddhis (supernatural healing powers)



    • Empaths seeking empowerment to express yourself, finally honor your own needs and have healthy relationships while being true to yourself

    • Anyone who wishes to lead by example and benefit others with your experiences (as a leader, teacher or parent)

    • Aspiring memoir authors will have a structured process for starting to author your life story in a way that can support others’ healing and transformation (as a hero’s journey)

    • Visionaries with ideas for conscious businesses who are ready to invest in yourself and do the work it takes internally to manifest your work in the form an innovative enterprise

    • Yoga teachers or students who wish to deepen your own embodiment of the spiritual teachings of Yoga, and thereby offer your students an even more profound healing experience that you can impart by leading by example

    • Ayurveda practitioners or students who wish to learn and embody the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing to support clients in better digesting their own food, emotions and life experiences

    • Spiritual teachers seeking to more deeply embody ancient spiritual wisdom to really walk your talk and serve as a role model for your students

    • Social workers and psychologists who want to learn and embody an eastern approach, to go deeper into your own healing (especially with regards to second hand trauma)

    • Organization leaders, especially for humanitarian causes

    • Caregivers who wish to learn how to care for your own self while caring for others 



    • Those who are not yet ready to question status quo or emotional and relational patterns

    • People seeking instant transformation and magical techniques; you have to walk the path to see change unfold at its own organic pace

    • Anyone in denial about your life, and not wishing to come out of the denial

    • People who are not open to investing in yourself or exploring different kinds of healing modalities to develop your potential

    • Anyone who rejects the presence of divinity in life

    • People who want only a physical or psychological or spiritual process of transformation; we believe that embodying wisdom involves all three



    • Sundays from 10am-12pm EST (7-9am PST, 8:30-10:30pm IST, 3-5pm GMT, 5-7pm CET) on Zoom, STARTING SUNDAY, APRIL 3RD, 2022 AND CONCLUDING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 2022

    • Live sessions 3 out of 4 sessions per month (one Sunday per month is pre-recorded for you to reflect at your own pace)

    • All sessions are recorded so you can view them later if you are unable to attend live

    • There is an optional add-on 3-month Counseling Program and Launch Accelerator Program to empower you with business skills (including website development, marketing, Instagram, book proposal creation, business planning, etc.) 



    • The Spiritual Warrior Certificate Program fee is $3,500

    • 9-month and 18-month payment plans are available

    • The 3-month add-on Counseling Training Program is an additional $500

    • If you have the time it will take to invest in your growth and transformation, but need financial assistance, please write to us at info@theancientway.co and let us know what your specific needs are



    • This Program is accredited by the Association for Coaching

    • Every student will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Mitch Hall to receive guidance and support on how to approach self-defined personal transformation goals at the start of the program.

    • PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION CERTIFICATION: after completing the 9-month program, each student can present their personal transformation experience to Dr. Mitch Hall to receive certification (or guidance on continuing to progress towards personal transformation - and you can return with your presentation later when you are ready).

    • The Personal Transformation certification is self-defined and based on self-assessment, but the program structure holds you accountable to your own higher Self's intentions for personal transformation preceding helping others on their journeys. 

    • PROFESSIONAL SPIRITUAL COACH CERTIFICATION: after completing the 9-month program, you have the opportunity to take an add-on 3-month counseling training with Dr. Mitch Hall to become a Spiritual Coach (for $500 extra)

    • Once you have successfully completed the entire program (including the add-on 3-month counseling training), you can list yourself as a Spiritual Life Coach with the Association for Coaching

    • Successful completion of this program is one step towards becoming a full-fledged Tara Ayurveda Practitioner of The Ancient Way (the other steps include successful completion of the Wellness Ambassador Program, upcoming Ayurveda & Yoga Self-Study Modules with an 85% passing rate and a 6-month Counseling Practicum)

Program curriculum

    1. Spiritual Warrior Certificate Program 2022 Curriculum and Schedule

    2. Spiritual Warrior Certificate Program Terms and Conditions

    1. Introduction & a Special Navratri Goddess Blessing Ceremony

    2. Introduction & a Special Navratri Goddess Blessing Ceremony

    3. Introduction to "The Way of the Goddess" Book (Penguin TarcherPerigee Sept. 2022)

    4. Introduction & Overview of the Spiritual Warrior Program

    5. Reading of the Introduction to "The Way of the Goddess" Book

    6. 9-Night Navratri Goddess Blessing Ceremony (Puja)

    1. Cultivate the Power of Stability

    2. Taking Inventory Live Session Recording

    3. Taking Inventory Live Session Recording

    4. Taking Inventory Live Session Chat

    5. Taking Inventory Assignment: Self-Assessing Your Own Power of Stability

    1. Embodying Wisdom Live Session Recording

    2. Embodying Wisdom Live Session Recording

    3. Embodying Wisdom Live Session Chat

    4. Step-by-Step Process to Cultivate the Power of Stability

    5. Chapter 1 - The Power of Practice, "The Way of the Goddess" Book (Penguin TarcherPerigee Sept. 2022)

    6. Balanced Root Chakra Vitality ~ Guided Visualization with Dr. Mitch Hall

    7. Embodying Wisdom Practice Video ~ Seated Poses

    8. Embodying Wisdom Practice Video ~ Standing Poses

    9. Embodying Wisdom & Deep Reflection Assignment

About this program

  • 18 x $194.44

Payment options

If you have already applied and been accepted into this Program, you can choose between 9-month and 18-month payment plans or paying for the whole program upfront, depending on your budget. If you need financial assistance, please write to us at info@theancientway.co and let us know what your specific needs are.


Ananta Ripa Ajmera

Co-founder & CEO, The Ancient Way

Ananta Ripa Ajmera is a spiritual teacher, co-founder and CEO of The Ancient Way, an organization that serves as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern living that supports you to embody wisdom in a way that unfolds your true Self. She is the author of the upcoming book "The Way of the Goddess" (Penguin TarcherPerigee Sept 2022), host of the True to Yourself Podcast, Advisor of Ayurveda at THE WELL (a modern integrative wellness space), and author of the award-winning book "The Ayurveda Way." Ananta's has taught Ayurveda at Stanford Medicine, NYU, UNICEF, ABC News, and the California Department of Public Health, and her work has been featured on Fox News, ABC News and in Forbes, Vogue, Yoga Journal, Reader’s Digest, Spirituality & Health Magazine, New York Magazine, MindBodyGreen, and Elephant Journal. Following the ancient way of living has transformed every aspect of Ananta's life, and gives her the inspiration to share what she has learned out of gratitude, and as a way to ensure the continuity of her educational and ancestral lineages of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta.

Dr. Mitch Hall

Internationally Recognized Leader in Spirituality, Psychology, Human Rights and Environmental Advocacy

Mitch Hall (PhD) has over 60 years of experience, education and advocacy in human rights, peace, and the environment. He has decades of experience with Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, contemporary somatic modalities, and meditation. He is a member of the Task Force on Indigenous Psychology and the Nonkilling Psychology Research Committee. He has served as a wellness counselor for disadvantaged, traumatized, inner-city youth and for adult patients with complex medical and psychological needs; a peace and environmental movement organizer in Europe with the Fellowship of Reconciliation; a professor, adviser to international students at Stanford University and Norwich University, academic program director, and academic dean in higher education; a French-English interpreter for African refugees; a writer, translator, storyteller, and more. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, in Kolkata, honored Mitch with a PhD (h.c.) in Alternative Medicines. His master’s degree in Sociology is from the University of Chicago, and his bachelor’s in Religion is from Columbia University. He has been a speaker in peace psychology symposiums and annual meetings of the American Psychological Association, and presented at the 12th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma. With an interest from a young age in spirituality, Dr. Hall chose an undergraduate major in the study of religion at Columbia University in NYC. Over the ensuing years, he has continued to explore spiritual traditions through study and years of sustained practice with teachers from Yogic, Buddhist, Jain and Taoist traditions. He had periods of residency at three ashrams (Ananda Ashram, Sivananda Yoga Ranch, Siddhachalam).

Esther Rodriguez Brown

Internationally Recognized Leader in Humanitarian Work to Empower Child Survivors of Violence

Esther Rodriguez-Brown is a renowned international speaker who has been recognized in international media, documentaries, books and film and has received many awards for her humanitarian work with children affected by violence. She is founder of The Embracing Project, an organization that supports peace and healing for youth survivors of violence, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, through the development of specialized programs, trauma-informed care, and unconditional support. Spirituality and wellness have been Esther's personal healing path to healing from trauma. She comes from a long line of healers (curanderos in Spanish) and intuitive (videntes in Spanish) women on her mother's side of her family. Esther was fortunate to learn a lot from her grandmother in terms of using healing herbs and oils. Esther is also founder of Ego Friendly Living, a company based on the principle of compassion, self-healing and self-empowerment, focusing on body, mind and soul, through Ayurveda, Yoga and consciousness practices to decrease stress and increase self-love. She studied Ayurveda under the lineages of Guru Yogananda and Guru Jyotirmayananda and expanded her Ayurveda studies and clinical practice in India, at the Ayurvedic College of DY Patil University of Pune. She has studied Ayurvedic herbology and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). Esther has a master's degree in Psychology with emphasis in trauma. She is also a certified Yoga teacher and therapist, with studies in Yoga Nidra and sound therapies under the lineage of Swami Satyananda Bihar School. In addition, she continues her education in Ayurveda and other ancient practices, traveling to India every year.

What Students Are Saying

“"Ananta used the framework of her Spiritual Warrior Certificate Program in mentoring me. The incredible stories of the 9 Navratri Goddesses linked with the 9 chakras in our body inspired me to burn away the emotions that weren’t serving me such as unresolved anger, a need for approval from society and fears that stem from my deep attachments with my loved ones. I replaced my old thought patterns with fresh, new and empowering narratives that I reinforced to myself repeatedly in order to create a sustainable and lasting change in my mindset. ​ Ananta’s program goes beyond the surface. It helps you heal at the deepest level, replace darkness with inner light and experience bliss and happiness from within. Ananta is a very inspiring instructor as she genuinely embraces and lives by all that she teaches. In doing so, she really stands out from all other instructors out there. She is also very focused on the learning of students and greatly supports them in their journey to apply the practices they learn. She is in it for the impact and this purpose matters deeply to her."”

Tanvi Jain Patyal, Former Management Consultant and Program Officer

““My experience with Ananta as my spiritual teacher has been life changing. Ananta’s approach to teaching is universal for all walks of life: any age and any level of background to Ayurveda, as well as those who may have a busier schedule. Ananta’s program allows for catered guidance and support. ​ For example, I am a very busy person. I have a very large family that I care for, as well as having my own business and outside projects. I also joined the program with very little knowledge about Ayurveda, except for the fact that I had a yearning desire to make better choices that served my body, mind, and soul. I knew I needed something deeper than yoga and meditation. I was searching for a whole-body health and self-care solution that would bring me to my higher Self. ​ I knew Ananta would know how to get me there. I was introduced to Ananta’s practices in 2019 when she hosted 30-minute sessions about individualized Ayurvedic practices. I remember one session was dedicated to roses and their benefits. I, myself, am an avid rose gardener. I thought, if Ananta could find the beauty and benefits of roses, imagine what she could do for ME! ​ A year later, here I am. I’ve found every joy in my day: from waking, to honoring the sun; taking pride in my meals, my breath, and my self-care practices. Without Ananta, I would have never found joy or peace. I recommend studying with Ananta and her team of teachers, because everyone deserves to find their joy in life. Living with deeper intentions and compassion for oneself is the greatest gift that someone could give to themselves."”

Becky Alby, Mother of 5, Entrepreneur, Gardener

“"I was fortunate to have first met Ananta virtually just when the pandemic started in early 2020, which catalyzed the inception of a profound inner journey. Her recommendations laid a strong foundation for me to start a journey of embodying wellness at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Over the next few months, I had several spiritual coaching sessions where she gave me some wonderful tools and practices to make improvement in those specific life areas. I diligently followed her suggestions and started seeing improvement in my overall physical, emotional and mental health. As an example, I had some traumatic experiences dealing with some toxic people with negative intentions and harmful behavior. Any such interactions instilled a lot of fear which permeated through my mind, body and spirit, and manifested in the form of physical symptoms. With Ananta’s guidance and teachings, I was able to recognize those patterns and learnt to operate from a higher space instead of engaging at low frequencies, I learnt to forgive and send healing vibes and blessings instead of reacting, I learnt to anchor myself in service to the higher truth and on spiritually evolving myself instead of wasting my time on trivial interactions and I learnt that even toxic people can be our best teachers, as they teach us to overcome darkness and connect with the divine light within. Since studying with Ananta, that intensity of fear has significantly reduced and I am in awe at how it has led to significant reduction in my symptoms as well. I feel very grateful to Ananta for being my spiritual guide and teaching me to not only be true to myself but also to be a spiritual warrior. Not only did Ananta's empowering approach to teaching strengthen me personally, but being part of her program also connected me with a beautiful family of light she created, which has become my soul tribe. Most of us are not connected by blood but we are by our souls, by our positive vibrations and our desire to seek light and the highest truth within ourselves. I feel the most content I have ever felt."”

Nachi Chopra, Business Transformation Leader

“"Ananta is a wonderful person and a great spiritual teacher along with being empowered with the ancient holistic and healing system including Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Scriptures, and many more. She carries the sword of knowledge with utmost grace to help, assist and motivate ignorant souls to find their inner self, heal their physical bodies and correct their mental and emotional state of mind. I firmly believe that it was my universal calling on this path that we were destined to meet and connect on this holistic path of a spiritual journey of inner transformation comprising of Ayurveda wellness and other ancient healing modalities. I had a wonderful time connecting with Ananta right from the birth of this program, being a part of it along with an incredible community of students from all over the world. She is an exceptional mentor who can guide you on your spiritual path no matter wherever you are. Her teachings and talks have inspired me to walk on this path with confidence and self-belief in becoming a true version of myself. With my keen desire to learn and validate myself with proper and authentic training, I choose this program to support my professional goals in serving the wellness community. I highly recommend this program if you want a structured, engaging, and well-designed course with excellent tools and methodology to widen your knowledge and understanding of the ancient way of living."”

Eshita Dayani, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

“"I loved that Ananta didn't water down the profound spiritual teachings of the Veda, like I see happening in some of the Ayurveda and Yoga communities in the West. And that very importantly, she stayed "true to text" - making sure to bring teachings back to the source from where they emerged. She is brilliant in her ability to retain a lot of detail and information and then present it clearly through slides and sweetness of voice and articulation of speech. Being an energetically sensitive person, the sound and vibration that brings forth the teachings/lessons of a person, are very important to me and can make it possible or not possible for me to take a course from someone. Ananta has a pure devotional heart and is a true spiritual aspirant, genuinely living what she teaches, which is another really important thing for me in choosing a teacher. It was an honor to be a part of year one of this program and to learn alongside a truly beautiful and wise community of people from all over. I look forward to continuing my studies with Ananta, diving deeper and going back over my notes and the assigned reading so that I can continue connecting the dots within myself. As Ananta has compassionately reminded me and others - this is a lifelong study and practice, and for that I am deeply grateful because there really is so much wisdom to learn!"”

Corinne Andrews, Owner/Director of Shraddha Yoga and Birthing Mama

“"Ananta's wisdom and maturity are beyond her age. She embodies the ancient knowledge, wisdom and spirituality! She has practiced what she is preaching. She is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. What is more admiring is that she wants all her students to be Ambassadors of light and spread this valuable knowledge to others! ​ I am now, naturally drawn to volunteer social services for my community. I feel blessed to have joined Ananta's loving and caring community, which is like family. I am determined and inspired to be a Wellness Ambassador and Spiritual Warrior to assist our beloved Anantaji in spreading this life changing knowledge and practices."”

Pravin Shah, Retired Engineer

““I’ve got a lot to do and there’s a lot of detail. That gets me wound up sometimes. I put into practice the buzzing bee a number of times. It was really helpful to bring a sense of calm and focus into that with this. Our office is downtown, but I went outside one time there, where we we have a locked area where I felt safe closing my eyes and taking in some sunshine. While I was doing the buzzing bee, I thought about, ‘okay, clear your mind, think about what you have to do, one task at a time.’ It was like the world stood still for a little bit. ​ I’ve been practicing the mantra about the hands. It has been a very good start to the day, to think, okay, I got a lot to do, but all it takes is one thought, and that one thought can lead to these great things. Turn those thoughts into action and you can reap a destiny. I really enjoyed that. Thank you for going above and beyond. The samples your brought us are appreciated. Love the alternative ideas regarding diet, medicine, and lifestyle.””

Craig Grassi, Probation Officer“I’ve got a lot to do and there’s a lot of detail. That gets me wound up sometimes. I put into practice the buzzing bee a number of times. It was really helpful to bring a sense of calm and focus into that with this. Our office is downtown, but I went outside one time there, where we we have a locked area where I felt safe closing my eyes and taking in some sunshine. While I was doing the buzzing bee, I thought about, ‘okay, clear your mind, think about what you have to do, one task at a time.’ It was like the world stood still for a little bit. ​ I’ve been practicing the mantra about the hands. It has been a very good start to the day, to think, okay, I got a lot to do, but all it takes is one thought, and that one thought can lead to these great things. Turn those thoughts into action and you can reap a destiny. I really enjoyed that. Thank you for going above and beyond. The samples your brought us are appreciated. Love the alternative ideas regarding diet, medicine, and meditation.”

“"By learning through Ananta, I was reminded over and over again that my agency is my first blessing. Though most people will give me a prescription, my body is not a problem to be solved. My health is not something to be fixed, but instead to be understood and honored. Ananta asked me who I wanted to be and how I could be her. She encouraged me to understand my dimensions, to understand how big my being could be. She saw within me a light I had dulled. She reached out to that light. She comforted that light. She empowered that light to shine. I began to speak. I began to write. I began to share. I declared myself the artist, the poet, the storyteller that I am, with the clarity of who I want to be in this life. She continues to hold that light for me, reminding me of who I know myself to be. She continues to see the goddess within me that I am still learning to adorn with love and acceptance. ​ Ananta’s heart and vision are supplemented through the team of people and the intention through which she connects us all. This team, this program is a community, it is a garden. The fragrance of each person mesmerizes alone but surrenders itself to the much greater melody of the garden as a whole. Ananta and her team redefine love, wholeheartedly seeing each individual and holding the stories of each sacred."”

Shweta Bhatt, Artist and Former Consultant

““One of the things I really took away from Ananta's teachings was the exercise where you look at your hands and remind yourself that your energy, your power, everything is in your control. It really focuses the locus of control on you versus other people. If something bad happens, you can look at yourself like how can I control this? How can I make it better? You empower yourself if there was something bad. I thought that was so amazing. I do that every morning now. I wake up and sometimes my eyes are not even open, but I can see my hands, and I’m just empowering myself, and it really feels really good, so thank you.””

Kavey, Probation Officer

“"Ananta is a great teacher because she practices everything, she taught us. As an example, she invited us to her kitchen (virtually) and taught us how to cook which was amazing. We literally cooked along side with her via Zoom. I respect and admire her integrity. She is also very personable, and able to articulate the principles she teaches in a simplified way for us to learn easily and quickly. I love Ananta’s spirit and her energy, she always has a smile, always willing to help and her unwavering support and can-do attitude inspired me to also follow Ayurveda. I wanted what she has! ​ I recommend anyone wishing to take control of your physical and mental health, to give this program a try. The way Ananta structured the program, allows students to become “community buddies” and support each other while we’re learning, we became each others’ cheer leaders. Going through Ananta's program was a transformational experience for me, as it has given me the tools and spirituality to not only understand myself in terms of a physical being but also as a spiritual being. Once I was able to make the connection to my Higher Self, I learned to respect my body in such a way I have never thought before. This mental change made it easier for me to add Ayurveda practices to my everyday life consistently and reap the benefits. My digestion has improved, I have mental clarity and most importantly I have peace of mind."”

Suganthi Lem, Senior Construction & Public Transportation Manager

“"Ananta can be described as truly embodying her work. She naturally radiates a caring, wise, and loving aura. She clearly has a deep mastery of her subjects, and from the moment you begin taking her classes you will be receiving knowledge. The understanding and scholarly communication of Ananta is matched by her compassion and humility. You can tell Ananta sincerely cares about her students and their ability to process and effectively practice what she teaches. ​ I would recommend studying with Ananta and her teachers because the topics being taught are life changing, from the inside out. There is a nearly tangible aura of love and acceptance shared amongst her and her fellow contemporaries as well as with the students in her classes. Despite the large and vast ocean of spiritual wellness knowledge that can appear daunting at first, the classes are structured very clearly, the communication about what is expected is exact, and the immersion into each topic is easily digestible to the human intellect."”

Nathan Medlock, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, Wellness Ambassador and Lifelong Student

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